11 Jan, 2019

The Annual Christmas Event in December of Torum Online

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Authentic online MMORPG "Tollum Online" with high degree of freedom points. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use Toram Online Spina, you can get hold of us at our own web page. It's a title that is now on the momentum, after breaking through 2 million DL in 2 months from the official release. This book explains the early stage capture from the beginning of the game. Even those who are about to start adventure and those who are already adventurous are now glad, with luxurious 3 great privileges. Bring this GUIDE BOOK and let's go to the Tolum world.

Also, a tropical vacation will challenge the lottery without losing including luxury items as a result of "boss punitive challenge". In addition, we will conduct plenty of planning, including the corner of the Daki interest determination game "One word in the photograph" to recruit for the letter from the user in advance and the section to review Suzuki's commentary on the previous update It's a schedule.

Asobimo has updated "Torum Online" and added two new maps "the front yard of the opposite world" and "the gate of the different world" and the new function "difficulty selection system". In addition, it became possible to dye weapons items with many requests. Asobimo performed an update to add two new maps and new functions "difficulty selection system" and "weapon dyeing" at Orthodox MMORPG "Tolum Online" for smartphones. You can download apps for free from Google Play and the App Store.

It is possible to change the installed roof, outer wall, window, door, floor, inner wall. Let's build a house of your choice. In the interior, you can set up "furniture" produced using material points and items. Furniture can also be made with consumption of a drop ball. To celebrate the cumulative number of downloads exceeding 6 million, we hold events and we will carry out six gorgeous projects. There is also a handy event that you can join by just logging in to the game, and you can enjoy it from beginners to advanced users.

In this guidebook, we support players by thoroughly explaining the way to capture the early stages from the beginning of "Torum Online" so that people who play for the first time online games can be relieved. In addition, three luxurious benefits including the limited color of the popular Avatar's "Minion Night" are included. It is said that you can comfortably enjoy the early stage while wearing it with a stylish blue limited avatar that only available in this guidebook. 

Choose a new stat to max. You can choose Tech, but the benefits are small. But the time you have the spare points into Tech you'll be able to make armor well without it. So screw Tech. Choose a Secondary Main stat and Max it. If you're not using your bs; still pay attention to what you're getting. It may be a mat for something.

In celebration that the cumulative number of downloads since the start of official service exceeded 6 million, "6 million download event" will be held. We will host 6 gorgeous projects in total, and we will also hold events to receive virtual currency and useful items.


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